Key Features

– The V-Strom 250 features a distinctive headlight design that resembles a flashlight with a hard anodized finish.

– A handy 12V DC power outlet makes touring more convenient by letting you power or charge mobile electronic devices, including satellite navigation systems.

– Refined 248cm³ parallel-twin engine maximizes low- to mid-range torque to deliver a combination of powerful performance and ease of control.

– The reverse-lit LCD instrument panel is optimized for quick and easy recognition to keep the rider fully informed of the bike’s status.

Engine Features

– The 248cm³ parallel-twin engine that powers the V-Strom 250 underwent thorough analysis and optimization to maximize low-to-mid range torque and provide a powerful ride with ease of control.

– The cam profile for the V-Strom 250 delivers maximum acceleration performance at the most commonly used speeds, between 20km/h and 90km/h. As an additional benefit, the cam profile also suppresses noise generation to deliver a smoother, more pleasant ride.

– The honing pattern used for the cylinder barrels maintains lubrication for the pistons in a manner that helps minimize any loss of performance due to friction.

– The cylinder head adopts roller type rocker arms that minimize friction loss.

– Thin, low tension piston rings are adopted to reduce friction, and the shape of the piston ring grooves was also optimized.

– The port sections on the intake valves are designed to optimize airflow into the combustion chamber. This realizes a high level of thermal efficiency for improved performance with less emissions.

– The V-Strom 250 uses projected tip spark plugs. By speeding up the rate of combustion, they improve response, especially when the throttle is not open far, and also help improve fuel economy.

– The two-into-one exhaust system features an optimized shape for the chamber in front of the catalytic converter. This maximizes acceleration performance at mid-range speeds, while the efficiency of the system also reduces exhaust emissions.

– Adopting an open type rectifier contributes to improved fuel economy.

Chassis Features

– While compact, the windscreen benefits from repeated wind tunnel testing to optimize its shape, providing highly effective shielding for a more comfortable ride.

– Dedicated mounting clips designed to accommodate the optional side cases realize an integrated design that matches the bike. The large aluminium rear carrier with 8.5kg maximum capacity is fitted with hooks for attaching straps that can also be used for attaching the optional top case.

– The sporty flair of 10-spoke wheels are shod with IRC tires that provide a solid grip on the road. Stopping power is provided by petal-type front and rear disc brakes. An Antilock Brake System (ABS)* made by BOSCH is also available to deliver yet greater confidence and control.

* ABS is not designed to shorten the braking distance. ABS cannot prevent wheel skidding caused by braking while cornering. Please drive carefully and do not overly rely on ABS.



  1. zahid muhammad

    I’m looKing for 250c bike

    • administrator

      Sorry 250c is not available

  2. Mohammed alhusaini

    I need the price

    • administrator

      V-STROM 250 : 11550 Aed

  3. Umair

    When it will be availabel

    • administrator

      After 3 months it will be available

  4. Umair

    when V-Strom 250 cC will be available

    • administrator

      After 3 months it will be available

  5. Marwan saleh

    هل وصلت الدراجة وماقيمتها وهل يمكن استبدال الرنق برنق واير

    • administrator

      For more information please contact us at 04 339 7161

  6. Meshary

    Can I export this bike to saudi arabia?

    • administrator

      Please contact us at +971 50 826 9694

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